The only tool to manage your platforms

Cloudglass is an invoicing and operation portal that provides a combined view of the client's expenses, from expenditures in the Amazon AWS Cloud, Azure and Google Cloud environments, as well as in the Cloudmas Equinix Private Cloud.

It is a free tool for all our reseller clients, developed by Cloudmas Equinix to provide them with a service capable of managing and optimizing the cost of infrastructure hosted on the different Cloud environments.

Imagen Cloud Glass

Operation control

Cloudglass facilitates operating on different clouds without exiting the platform itself, allowing the client to:

  • Set parameters for alerts related to spending, as well as create and comment on incidences within ServiceNow, and generate Amazon Web Services' tickets.
  • Discover which machines are on. Have a global vision of the deployed architecture on the different clouds and corresponding regions at a glance.
  • Verify the status of the cloud and proprietary services.
  • Carry out basic operations, such as turning on or off machines previously defined by the client.
  • Classify expenses by cost center, Marketing department, DevOps, Customer service, etc.

Use and invoicing

Cloudglass allows clients to analyze in depth the expenses in one or several cloud environments, and purchase a large range of IT services through the different public cloud platforms with a pay-per-use payment model. At the same time, the platform can generate monthly invoicing reports per department and account, in real time, online, with the aim of controlling costs and forecasting through Cloudglass. All this, accessible 24/7 from any device with internet access.

In addition, the platform uses the prices of the different clouds, and classifies the cost of the services by account, vendor, project and product area.

Security and availability

Our tool, which is fully synchronized with the cloud provider platforms, offers our clients a single dashboard to monitor and optimize private, public and hybrid platforms, 24/7, accessible from any mobile device with internet access.

It also allows managing profiles and user access.

Free service

Cloudmas Equinix provides this free service to all our Reselling customers, intent on helping to control the costs generated in the different clouds and getting an estimated daily consumption