Managed Services


At Cloudmas Equinix, we have a team of Cloud services experts to carry out the improvement of our customers' IT infrastructures in a continuous way.

Our commitment is to provide complete coverage to the needs of each company, from the analysis of their infrastructure to the migration to the platform that best suits their business model.


The excellent performance of services involves monitoring work and events and incident control. At Cloudmas Equinix, we have a team that is prepared in workload distribution and with the necessary tools for continuous management.

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  • Our 24/7 monitoring services offer, allows us to anticipate the needs of customers,
  • Creating action protocols that, at the same time, allow us to gather information and help us continue to improve our customers' applications.


We advise our customers on the creation and migration of their IT infrastructure to a Cloud environment suited to their business model, which allows them to face demand peaks.

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  • Experience in cross-platform solutions.
  • Choosing the most suitable tool to carry out the transformation of our customers' business model.


Our team 's experience in cross-platform solutions allows us to manage the different Cloud environments where the infrastructure and services of our customers are deployed.

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  • At Cloudmas Equinix we carry out the complete management of our customers' Cloud platforms, integrating them into a simple and flexible management system.

Security Services

Cloudmas Equinix offers its customers the most advanced security solutions, which facilitate the planning and implementation of improvements. Moreover, Cloudmas Equinix also offers task automation and best practices, to provide a secure ecosystem managed by a certified technical team in different platforms.

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  • We offer a secure, flexible environment capable of guaranteeing the continuity of our customers' applications by integrating the different cloud platforms they use.