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Cloudmas Equinix, a new way to connect to the cloud

Why should you place your trust in us?

We are the largest provider of platforms, managed services and project developments in the cloud on the world. As an expert company in technology consulting services and solutions for migration of IT resources to the cloud, our goal is the digital transformation of our customers through technological innovation. With our help, companies can carry out previously unimaginable projects and take advantage of new Cloud technologies to continue innovating.

We believe in a different way of doing IT, a unique way to design and create the future of our customers. And for this reason, we have a multidisciplinary team, which is expert in design, management and execution of strategic solutions in the Cloud, with a team of 200 professionals that is recognized by the leading Cloud service providers worldwide.

Our commitment

From Cloudmas Equinix, we help companies respond to the new demands of the digital age and facilitate the modernisation of their IT processes through innovative services and thanks to the support of the global leading Cloud companies.

Our goal is to help our customers get the most out of new IT solutions. We see the market differently. Therefore, we offer a unique way to transform the business processes of companies.

We are committed to offering the best Cloud services while, with Equinix and its complete platform of Data Centers and connectivity,  we offer our customers the best experience in IT infrastructure services.

Key elements of Cloudmas Equinix services



We accompany our customers in their process of technological transformation. We know what they need and we offer services, guaranteed by the highest standards of reliability and safety.



We are passionate about our work and we love facing technological challenges, providing the most efficient and complete solutions on the market.



We are always looking for new ways to understand the IT world. We are constantly counting on innovation so that our customers can "make things better" through the latest technology.



We adjust to a frantic world that waits for no man. We make decisions as quickly as possible, without replicating processes and with the precise equipment, whilst offering a complete services portfolio that allows us to adjust to company needs.



Nuestro equipo destaca por su carácter multidisciplinar y su capacidad de detectar de forma rápida y efectiva las necesidades del cliente, además de contar con expertos coordinados en diferentes especialidades IT.



We are at the forefront of the sector, generating ground-breaking solutions and adding the latest technologies to our service offers. We provide value assimilating our reference role in the Cloud sector on the world.

Our partners

In Cloudmas Equinix, we have recognition from the main Cloud providers thanks to our experience in migration and implementation of infrastructures to main public cloud platforms.

Trust; the fruit of success

The experience and success of Cloudmas Equinix on the most innovative Cloud projects is recognised by the main Cloud providers worldwide: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

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More than 150 certifications between Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, are proof of our leadership position in the market.

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