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Cloudmas Equinix is the Equinix managed services company expert in technology consulting and cloud solutions.

We guarantee the most flexible, reliable and secure way for companies wishing to manage their processes in the cloud, whether public, private or hybrid, with the aim of providing the most beneficial IT strategy. The company is backed by Equinix's Data Center platform and is recognised by the market's leading cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Why Cloudmas Equinix?

Cloudmas Equinix is made up of a multidisciplinary team, experts in design, migration, implementation and management of cloud solutions. In addition, the company has direct access to the largest connectivity ecosystem in the world, where the main Cloud providers in the market are located.


Our team's experience guarantees strategic analysis in the most beneficial way for our clients.


We design an adapted and balanced solution for the business model of each company, anticipating demand peaks and maintaining the service for our customers.


We evaluate, plan and provide the necessary tools to migrate IT infrastructures to different cloud environments.


We offer our clients an agile and flexible architecture for their business model.

The future is cloud.

Let us help you make the next step.


From Cloudmas Equinix, we accompany you in the Cloud revolution, providing companies with the most complete portfolio of market services and 360⁰ solutions.


Selection, creation and deployment of the architecture that offers the best performance to each company, whether public, private or hybrid

Managed Services

24/7 services for administration, operation and monitoring of the different infrastructures of our customers in Cloud environments

Professional Services

Strategy services, architecture and implementation of migration processes to the cloud

Data Center

The largest Data Center platform and most complete interconnection ecosystem in the world

The cloud, It´s the future...
and the present



The cloud makes possible what was unimaginable before. It gives access to technological trends that up to now have been restricted



Cloud technology offers high accessibility from any infrastructure



The capacity increases or decreases according to the needs of the client and their data flow



The scalable operation facilitates security process agility, without the protection being diminished


"Cloudmas Equinix helped us migrate all our existing infrastructure to cloud services, lowering operating costs to a fraction of what they were before, and at the same time giving us the ability to grow as needed, with minimal effort."

Daniela R. Careri

Daniela R. Careri, Head of the Development Department of Viajeros.com, Despegar.com


"Thanks to Cloudmas Equinix, in addition to having reduced the costs of our technological infrastructure, we have improved the organisation and management of all the services we had contracted with Amazon."

Alfonso Villar

CEO & Co-founder,PlaySpace.com


"Our business requires providing high volumes of data at the maximum speed possible. Working together with Cloudmas Equinix, our engineering department has managed to maintain the highest quality standards, at the same time as total control over costs."

Carlos Córdoba

COO, Redmas - Cisneros Interactive


"The follow-through and guidance of the Cloudmas Equinix architects allowed us to streamline the identification of optimisation points in our infrastructure and, at the same time, help us reduce costs significantly."

Fj Boiton

V.P. Technology, AutoWeb.com


"Neural.One is a technology company that uses AI to help marketers improve brand performance and increase business results. We decided to migrate our services with the support of Cloudmas Equinix to build a scalable infrastructure, in terms of low latency and to improve performance."

Nacho Suanzes

Chief Strategy Officer, Neutral One


"As a company with thousands of users and millions of users around the world, Monografías.com needs a custom-made platform to handle huge workloads and configure snapshots and move workloads to Lambda functions. Thanks to Cloudmas Equinix, all these changes significantly improved our publication times and helped our team to manage the technology more efficiently."

Lucas Morea

CEO and Founder of Monografías.com


"Ditelco is a web platform that distributes streaming videos with millions of users around the world. Thanks to Cloudmas Equinix, we developed a platform that supports and handles the peak demand periods of our visitors during prime-time events."

Leonardo Maidana

CEO of Dilteco

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