Successful case in Universities: Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

UAB managed three big projects in the University with technologies of AWS with the aim to evaluate the capacity of AWS platform and how this technology could help them in the future to improve the University

Successful case in Universities: San Pablo CEU

AWS cloud services and infrastructure has been successfully used to deploy USPCLOD, the PaaS and microservices platform of San Pablo CEU University

Experience of CloudMas on DevOps

CloudMas combines both AWS’ Cloud Platform and Best Practices in order to implement a quick and reliable IT deployment process.

Infrastructure as code and configuration automation practices help enable resource elasticity and quick response to frequent need of change.


Successful case DevOps: Ditelco

About Ditelco

Ditelco, founded in 2002, is a video on-demand and streaming platform with millions of users in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Spain for both web and mobile environments.

Successful case DevOps: AdGravity/

Initial Status

After trying to deploy their infrastructure in Amazon Web Services, Neural.One decided to contact CloudMas Ibérica to get help tackling different problems that they found during the migration. The website was going down, it did not scale and the deployment of new application versions to the different instances was a tedious work.

Successful case DevOps:

About is a company from Latam that enables collaborators to publish research papers from different disciplines. Different areas of interest are constantly evaluated to sustain a high-quality experience for the users searching for information on the site.

Successful case DevOps: redk

About redk

redk is a consultancy of business and technology that offers CRM solutions of management of customers. For the huge amount of customers and projects managed, redk needs a support and services adapted to their requirements.

The challenge

Initially, redk used a third-party provider built on Amazon Web Services and other cloud providers to run its environment. However, as the application increased in complexity and the scale of its audience grew, redk needed greater control over its environment.

Experience of CloudMas with Aurora


Aurora allows us guarantee a wide flexibility in the manage of Databases of our customers offering the migration services of different environments as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgresSQL or MySQL without any effort. 
Thanks to Aurora, we can scale storage automatically, growing storage and rebalancing I/Os to provide consistent performance without the need of over-provisioning and pay only for what they use without any long-term commitment.


Knowing the preferences of Ditelco users with big data on AWS

About Ditelco

Ditelco is a web+mobile platform that provide internet TV and video streaming for registered users, tan began operations in 2002.

It is a TV service to subscribers online, which allows a single payment to enjoy a spectacular selection of TV live streams of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Spain, in addition to on demand content (VOD) that includes most of the live streamed to watch them at any time.

Big Data on AWS to analyze content preferences of users

About is a reputed Latin American company that facilitates the publication and consultation of researches on various topics and levels, which continuously evaluates various areas of opportunity to offer users better tools to provide a high quality experience in finding information.

In the beginning, Monografias was an educational project born in 1997, in the city of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina whose vision is to become the largest of Education Web Portal, allowing through a simple and free growth knowledge, rich cultural diversity of all users to publish and / or consult its contents.

Currently it has millions of Spanish-speaking users, participating actively shaping the broader Center Educational Resources in Internet.