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Are you ready for the cloud? We can help We can make your business run faster, better and safer — for cheaper. Cloud computing allows your company to focus on what it does best without the hassle of hardware and software. Learn more today about how we can help you revolutionize your business.

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Who we are

CloudMas is a technology services provider applied to business processes, is also an associate and the official trading company of Amazon Web Services products.

We offer certified professionals dedicated to design, perform and maintain strategic solutions for your architecture requirements and Cloud development in order for your company to keep focusing on clients and business.


We are a team of experienced professionals who can work with your company at the most senior level to develop strategic reviews, define cost benefit cases and carry out all aspects of business process modelling and engineering.


We supply technical and business project resources to successfully manage and implement Cloud solutions. We architect and build your cloud, and additionally we can develop custom applications to cover any specific needs.

Maintenance and monitoring

We will build a long term relationship with you so that we can provide enduring and comprehensive solutions from your initial requirements through to ongoing support, maintenance, automation and monitoring.

"CloudMas helped migrate all our existing infrastructure to cloud services and lowered our costs of operation to a fraction of what they were before, and at the same time brought us the capability to grow as needed with a minimum effort"

Daniela R. Careri, Head of Development Department for,

"Thanks to CloudMas, plus reduce cost of our technological infrastructure, we have improved the organization and management of all our hired AWS services."

Alfonso Villar, CEO & Co-founder,

"Our business requires providing high amount of data at highest possible speed. Working with CloudMas, our engineer department has accomplished the highest quality level at the same time that an absolute control over costs."

Carlos Córdoba, COO, Redmas - Cisneros Interactive

"The support and guidance of CloudMas Architects, have allowed us to speed up the identification of optimization points of our infrastructure, and at the same time, favour costs reduction meaningfully."

Fj Boiton, V.P. Technology,

"Neural.One is a technology company that uses A.I to help marketers improve brand performance and boost business results. We decided to migrate our services with the support of CloudMas to build a scalable infrastructure in terms of low latency and improve throughput”.

Nacho Suanzes. Chief Strategy Officer

"As a company with thousands of collaborators and millions of users around the world, monografías needed a customized platform to manage a huge workflow and set up the automated snapshots and changed workflows into Lambda functions. Thanks to CloudMas, all these changes, it improved greatly our publishing times, qualified our team in new technologies.”.

Lucas Morea. Chief Strategy Officer

"Ditelco is a web platform that distributes streaming videos with millions of users around the world. Thanks to CloudMas, we developed a platform that supports and manages peaks of demand of our visitors during premieres events."

Leonardo Maidana. CEO of Dilteco

Benefits of cloud computing


Cloud computing allows you to grow without worrying about your infrastructure.

Costs less

Cloud computing can decrease your IT costs significantly because you pay only for what you use.


Security is a crucial component of the cloud with government grade security.


Have access to everything anytime from anywhere as it lives in the cloud.